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originalWhen foreigners hear “Momiji Gari”, they may feel strange, because it can be translated to “autumn foliage hunting”.  As you know, we don’t actually “hunt” the autumn foliage. Momiji Gari came from the aristocrats who became not to hunt animals by themselves appeared.  Time passed, they expressed enjoying seeing nature and actually took flowers in their hands as “nature hunt”.  Additionally, at the time, they also expressed cherry-blossom viewing as “cherry blossom hunt(桜狩り)”  Don’t you think it is very poetic?

As the famous Momiji-gari place, I recommend Kiyomizu-dera in Kyoto.  The season is the middle in November to early in December which is little late comparing to another place.  At night, they will be lighted which is very elegant and beautiful.  If you have time, why don’t you enjoy the short autumn in Kyoto?  I’m sure you will be able to make a good memory in autumn.