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How different Japanese and American Fireworks?

August is coming soon and it is the season to enjoy fireworks festival. Fireworks are recognized as Japanese culture, but now it is enjoyed all over the world such as Independence Day in America.  Then, I wonder if there is difference between Japanese and American fireworks.

Japanese typical fireworks


As I could recognize obviously, I feel the atmosphere is distinguished from Japanese.  In America, they set off fireworks with cheerful music, but Japanese is kind of dignified and it makes us feel somehow sentimental.  And usually the names of the artists are announced during the fireworks.  Second, the shape of each firework is different.  Japanese fireworks are like flowers and round shaped, and there are also shapes of smile face or hearts, stars.  On the other hand, American gunpowder flow to one way.

Both fireworks are very attractive and it is interesting that we can see the national character from only fireworks.  But I would say Japanese fireworks are much elaborated designed and I think it shows artists’ faith to entertain people and pride as Japanese.  If you see this video, you will be attracted by the beauty of Japan.


American typical fireworks