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Euglena saves you


Can euglena save you? What does it mean? I guess you are wondering.  Euglena is a small tiny microbe that we cannot see with naked eyes. I’m sure everyone observed it in junior high school.  Green and so tiny…what can such a tiny thing do for us?  It actually works for our beauty. Though I told you it is a microbe, it is one kind of algae like Wakame, and has both kinds of natures, animal and plan.  Unbelievably there are 59 nutrients that we need to keep our beauty, such as vitamin, mineral, DHA and amino acid in euglena.

But, where can we get it? Recently convenience store has started selling euglena yogurt with aloe. This is the first time that the stores in whole parts of Japan try to sell it. Euglena is about 0.05mm on the other hand hair is 0.07mm, which means even hair is thicker. So it cannot be found in yogurt. It is said that the taste is sweet and sour. Why don’t you buy it and help your beauty more!?