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Compare Japan with Taiwan


I just went to Taiwan few days ago and I found both Taiwan and Japan had similar points.

First, the train in Taiwan is on time.  At the platform, there was a screen showing how exactly minutes later the train is coming which is stricter than Japan. And of course the train was on time.  Second, the manners or rules are mostly same as Japan.  People in Taiwan are never talk on the phone in the train, and it was not too noisy there differently from other country.  I just stayed for 2 days in Taiwan, but I found it is easy for me to stay there.


Then, I really like people in Taiwan and I felt familiar to them.  According to the website, Japan is ranked in No.1 as the most favorite country for 4 years, and 98 % people has positive images toward to Japan. Don’t you think this is delightful result?  Now, I understand why I saw many Japanese shops like Shiseido, Hankyu, Doutor Coffee shop, when I walked around Taipei.  I hope, not only Taiwan, but other countries introduce Japanese culture and company and as many counties as possible will be sympathizers for Japan.