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99 year old swimmer

02There is a Japanese woman who made a world record in backstroke, and surprisingly she is 99 years old continuing swimming.  Her name is Mieko Nagaoka.  She was born in 1914 in Yamaguchi, and is still living alone doing housework and farm work herself.  She started swimming when she was 80 year old for her rehabilitation exercise.  25 meter was her limit at first, but after her effort practicing 3 hours in a day 4 times a week, she broke her record again and again.  she started coaching when she was 91 years old.  Things that make her feel happy is eating born less rib which recover her energy.

I was very impressed by her words.  “The feeling of happiness enables people to live long.  Find fields you can achieve your dream.”  This story told me that we don’t have any limitation, nothing is impossible.  I’m proud of her as a Japanese woman.