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No more fake face?

Print Club.  I think this is one of the unique Japanese cultures.  Women especially young girls, such as middle school students, high school students and university school students take picture of themselves with the machine which is called Print Club.  Most of girls have experience to use at least once.  Lately, the quality of Print Club is getting higher and higher rapidly like too much.  The eyes become very big, face becomes very small and the legs become very skinny with Print Club.  Everyone can be cuter and more beautiful.

But recently an app was released.  The name of app is “Primo”.  The app can make the pictures after processing the one before processing.  This is amazing function and this might thread girls who are using the pictures after processing for their profile picture etc…?


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The world mysterious subculture

Young people often try to belong to the place where they can share their thoughts with others. And some teenager community seem to be very different.

Teen werewolves is one of the teen-age subcultures originally started to be seen in the U.S. among high school students. Bunch of students belonging to this niche community have a meeting at late at night (As you can imagine, full moon night!). They wear fake wolf tail, color lenses and sometimes even fang. Although they look evil, school teacher said they don’t cause any problems. Wolf packs also said they were just hanging out to have fun. Do you think you would like to join it?