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Snoopy Exhibition


Snoopy Exhibition has held at MORI ARTS CENTER GALLERY, Roppongi Hills.

  • Time: 10:00~20:00
  • Date: October 12, 2013~January 5, 2014
  • Fee: 1,800yen… A ticket sold in advance
  • 2,000yen… A day ticket

You can see many original picture of Peanuts. It is very precious that pictures of the early stages of Snoopy and friends. You can also see the works of Mr. Schulz, the author of Peanuts. For example, desk, clothes and sport items. I think you will happy if you see the pictures of Snoopy and his friends. I, the souvenir shop, you can buy many types of Snoopy souvenirs. For example, T shirts, mug cups, and stuffed toys. All of these are limited edition, so don’t miss it.


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Tokyo Ramen Show 2013 just started!

img_tokyoramenshow2013tokyo2At Komazawa Olympic Park in Tokyo, Tokyo RAMEN Show was just held and it takes place every year in this season.  Now that not only Japanese, but also foreigners love Japanese Ramen.  According to JNTO (Japan National Tourist Organization), the Japanese food which made foreigners most satisfied after SUSHI is Ramen.  Ramen obviously became a special food which welcome foreigners.

Japan has too many Ramen places and it makes us be in doubt where we should go.  Then, at Komazawa, lots of Ramen shops are gathering in one place and you can enjoy several kinds of Ramen in one time.  The point of this event is to think about “food culture” and “tourism”, and it is also supporting local developing and disaster recovery and relief in Tohoku.     Entrance fee is free, while you pay 800 yen per bowl.  It takes place from 15th to 29th in November, so why don’t you enjoy original and arranged Ramen in this opportunity?


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Safety in Japan

JapanThis summer, I am going to Guam, but many people said to me to be careful for the security.  While I said to them I’m OK, I became really nervous about it.  At the same time, I thought how safely I have lived in Japan.  Even in the city, I can walk at midnight alone. And in the countryside like Okinawa where my grandmother lives, surprisingly she never locked the door of her house.  It might be the personality of Okinawa’s people which is careless about crimes, but it shows how easy and comfortable to live in Japan.  I have heard from my friend that foreigners are surprised by the vending machines on the street.  According to the site, Japan is ranked in 5th for the most safest country in 2013.   I would like to live in Japan after retirement.