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Rock Band: Mcfly

mcfly3McFly are a famous rock band in the UK. Let me tell you why I fell in love with this band. One day, I watched a wedding speech on Youtube and then I found one video. A guy doesn’t like public speeches but he knows how to write a song so he performed his song to his friends, family, and his wife. That was amazing. Then I was wondering why this guy is good at singing. I searched who is this guy and found out. His name is Tom Fletcher. He belongs to band called Mcfly. I listened to many songs by Mcfly and I liked it. I recommend you to listen to their song!! Here’s a video called “Wedding speech” by Tom Fletcher. It may make you happy.

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Wangari Mathaai

I read an article about Wangari Maathai, who was a founder of Green Belt Movement. When she was a child, her family could not afford to take education.  However, after her effort, she graduated from University of Pittsburgh.  In 1997, she started planting activity called “Green Belt Movement” in her country with poor women.  In 2005, she was inspired by the Japanese word, “Mottainai” when she came to Japan.  She regarded that this word included the feeling of respect to the limited resources and importance of life, not only expressing 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle).  Her movement spreading and “Mottainai” became famous to the world and it is in the process to be a world common language.

There are many products in Japan which are inspired by Mottainai, such as Furoshiki or My-Hashi.  If you use Furoshiki, you don’t need to waste plastic bags, and if you carry a pair of chopsticks, you don’t have to use disposable chopsticks.

In this wealthy country, having Mottainai spirits brings this world happy and peace.  I would like  people to remember this Mottainai campaign by Wangari Maathai.

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Escape from the summer heat

If you are suffering from summer heat and feeling do nothing, I recommend you to go to limited time offer museum in Tokyo.  I am going to introduce some interesting exhibition.


Art Aquarium at Mitsui Hall, Nihonbashi.  This is the exhibition of goldfish which attract people since Edo era in the water and expressing cool space.  The fusion of various designed fish tank, light up are beautiful and romantic.  This exhibition ends 23th in September so don’t miss the opportunity.





Second, Museum of Love is now very popular.  Art of love from all over the world get together in Roppongi Hills and it tells us what love is.  The most famous part of this exhibit is “Yayoi Kusama’s World” which space is unrealistic.  You can also get some goods and enjoy lovely café or restaurant, so I would like you to visit there.

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How different Japanese and American Fireworks?

August is coming soon and it is the season to enjoy fireworks festival. Fireworks are recognized as Japanese culture, but now it is enjoyed all over the world such as Independence Day in America.  Then, I wonder if there is difference between Japanese and American fireworks.

Japanese typical fireworks


As I could recognize obviously, I feel the atmosphere is distinguished from Japanese.  In America, they set off fireworks with cheerful music, but Japanese is kind of dignified and it makes us feel somehow sentimental.  And usually the names of the artists are announced during the fireworks.  Second, the shape of each firework is different.  Japanese fireworks are like flowers and round shaped, and there are also shapes of smile face or hearts, stars.  On the other hand, American gunpowder flow to one way.

Both fireworks are very attractive and it is interesting that we can see the national character from only fireworks.  But I would say Japanese fireworks are much elaborated designed and I think it shows artists’ faith to entertain people and pride as Japanese.  If you see this video, you will be attracted by the beauty of Japan.


American typical fireworks


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Japanese Unity Power!


I read a very impressing Japanese news on internet. On 22nd of July, in the morning, a woman was accidentally caught between door and platform.  She fortunately did not get injured.

people pushing the train to save a woman
People pushing the train to save a woman

At the time, this picture became a popular topic on Twitter or other social network services.  People who were there gave the train push and were trying to rescue the woman.  This news spread to foreigner fast and they reacted to the news.

According to a site, called 2 channel, foreigners said,

American “It happens only in Japan.”

Italian “If it happened in Italy, they only watch the accident and do nothing.”

I am really happy to hear the news and I think Japanese tenderness and this unity were unconsciously occurred.  These facts were also praised at the time of the Tohoku earthquake by foreigner.  This is one reason I love Japan and Japanese people.





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Ghibli Museum, Mitaka


The Rooftop of Ghibli Museum

In this summer, I visited Ghibli museum in Tokyo, Mitaka.  The museum is inside the  Inokashira park so it was good to feel as if you were in a forest which is like real Ghibli’s atmosphere.  As you know, Ghibli is now very popular and famous all over the world.  The new movie, Kazetachinu(風立ちぬ) are showing, so many people are more interested in Ghibli’s world.










First you enter the museum, the Big Totoro will welcome you at the reception. In this museum, you can see the history of Ghibli, how they are filming and the creating each movie.  And I was really excited to see the model of work space and sketches of the anime.  You can rarely see the back ground of  Ghibli’s world, but taking pictures is prohibited.  So it was worth to visit the museum.

There is also a restaurant which offers special foods so I strongly recommend visiting there.

Entrance was strictly by advance reservation, so you can enjoy it comfortably.



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Japanese sweet

Japan has custom to give gifts periodically to people such as teachers, relatives, bosses to express our gratitude for a long time.  This custom is called “Ochugen”, and we regard this as seasonal greeting.  The time to sending is different from the area, east of Japan is the beginning of July to 15th, and west of Japan is the beginning of August to 15th.  The market price is around 3000~5000 yen, it depends on the relationship though.  This custom is done in China, Taiwan and in Japan.  This is sometimes troublesome, but I feel this is good opportunity to communicate with someone who is important but has not seen from.


You can see the trends from AEON website if you are worried what to send.

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Music Video of foreign artists shooting in Japan


tokyo (10)I am big fan of Backstreet boys since I was little, and I’m very happy that Boys are coming to Japan in October.  I am going to see their live performance which is my second time.  Then, I would love to introduce this music video which they shot in Tokyo.  This is the song, Bigger by Backstreet Boys.  Don’t you think it is very cool?

I searched another music video which were also shot in Japan.





#thatPOWER by feat. Justin Bieber. is one of The Black Eyed Peas member.


Just Can’t Get Enough by The Black Eyed peas

This song expresses their love toward Japan.


Jump by Madonna


I think it is great opportunity that Japanese architecture and city will be  recognized and people will become to like Japan more.

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Japanese daintiness


Japanese traditional dishes
Japanese traditional dishes

While studying in Boston, I realized Japanese food  is the best.  I thought Japanese food culture is distinguished from others.  One reason I think so is that Japanese think a great deal of value of high quality ingredients.  This appears to the

Sushi culture and even sushi-go-round (called kaiten zushi) which provide high-quality food at the low price.  Second reason is they are caring to the appearance.  Japanese dishes are very beautiful using the technique of knife, decoration using like flowers, and they are particular about the even plates.  It is not too much to say that the dainty Japanese food culture is art.



a fugua globefisha blowfish
Sashimi of fugua globefisha blowfish
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Compare Japan with Taiwan


I just went to Taiwan few days ago and I found both Taiwan and Japan had similar points.

First, the train in Taiwan is on time.  At the platform, there was a screen showing how exactly minutes later the train is coming which is stricter than Japan. And of course the train was on time.  Second, the manners or rules are mostly same as Japan.  People in Taiwan are never talk on the phone in the train, and it was not too noisy there differently from other country.  I just stayed for 2 days in Taiwan, but I found it is easy for me to stay there.


Then, I really like people in Taiwan and I felt familiar to them.  According to the website, Japan is ranked in No.1 as the most favorite country for 4 years, and 98 % people has positive images toward to Japan. Don’t you think this is delightful result?  Now, I understand why I saw many Japanese shops like Shiseido, Hankyu, Doutor Coffee shop, when I walked around Taipei.  I hope, not only Taiwan, but other countries introduce Japanese culture and company and as many counties as possible will be sympathizers for Japan.