Christmas gift

100_ターンアラウンド_ホリデイ_セットIt’s already November. Christmas is coming in less than 2 months. Have you decided what you are going to get as a Christmas present from Santa Claus? I have a recommendation for girls, who like to be beautiful, to collect makeup goods, and limited items! It’s one of the things that I check every winter. It’s a Christmas makeup gift. This gift is sold during Christmas season by famous cosmetic store, like Dior, CHANEL, MAC, and so on. You can get popular cosmetics with some good deal. This time I will introduce you to one brand, CLINIQUE, which is my one of favorite brands. Look at the cute makeup pouch! And there are some skin care creams in it. It’s only 6,825 yen! It’s reasonable! There are other choices, too. Most of gifts have already been started being sold. So if you are interested in it, make a reservation as soon as possible before it is sold out or ask stores.
You cannot miss it!!

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Plans for Christmas?

Christmas is coming in a month.  You see Christmas goods at many stores and the place with decoration. In Japan, there will be many places which are famous for illumination around Christmas. Have you decided which one you are going this year and with who? MIDTOWN CHRISTMAS 2013

This is one of the famous places for illumination in Tokyo.  The place on the picture above is especially called Star Light Garden.  Many many people are coming to see this illumination every year and it’s greet 7th aniversary in 2013.  The illumination space is very wide and it is about 2000㎡ and uses 280,000 blue LED lights. You must go to this place to see very fantastic illumination for this Christmas. Go to see more information