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Ruby Sparks

Ruby Sparks” is a romantic comedy-drama film. It was made in 2012. Ruby Sparks

Calvin Weir-Fields is a young novelist. He had not been able to work well since he succeeded his first novel. His therapist gave him a writing assignment, which to write about someone who he likes. He had a dream in which he met an attractive young woman. She said she liked him.
Calvin woke up and was absorbed in writing about her, he named her Ruby Sparks.

The next day, Calvin found Ruby in his kitchen. He was stunned to the situation. But Ruby was not only unperturbed but as his writing. Calvin would gradually come to fall in love with her.
I watched this movie during a flight from Boston to Tokyo, and it became my favorite movie. The contents and the plot are peculiar, but Calvin’s thinking is interesting, and Ruby’s smile is beautiful and charming. I would like you to appreciate it.
Showa Speaking Students

Hitomi Cup Winner: 2nd Place!


On November 9th, English speaking contest called “Hitomi Cup” was held at Showa Women’s University.
I passed the pre-contest, and on the day I delivered my speech at the final contest.

There were 11 speakers, not only SWU students but also students of other universities like Waseda and ICU. I was very nervous, but all of the cheers from my friends, teachers and family supported me very much.

I think I did my BEST. I was able to tell my thinking to the audiences passionately. An finally, I got 2nd prize on the contest! I got a certificate, trophy and i Pad!!! Yay! This is my memorable day for me.

At last, I want to introduce sweet gift from my friend. She gave this chocolate to me before the day of contest. I am very glad that I have such a kind, wonderful friend. Thank you very much.