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No more fake face?

Print Club.  I think this is one of the unique Japanese cultures.  Women especially young girls, such as middle school students, high school students and university school students take picture of themselves with the machine which is called Print Club.  Most of girls have experience to use at least once.  Lately, the quality of Print Club is getting higher and higher rapidly like too much.  The eyes become very big, face becomes very small and the legs become very skinny with Print Club.  Everyone can be cuter and more beautiful.

But recently an app was released.  The name of app is “Primo”.  The app can make the pictures after processing the one before processing.  This is amazing function and this might thread girls who are using the pictures after processing for their profile picture etc…?


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The world mysterious subculture

Young people often try to belong to the place where they can share their thoughts with others. And some teenager community seem to be very different.

Teen werewolves is one of the teen-age subcultures originally started to be seen in the U.S. among high school students. Bunch of students belonging to this niche community have a meeting at late at night (As you can imagine, full moon night!). They wear fake wolf tail, color lenses and sometimes even fang. Although they look evil, school teacher said they don’t cause any problems. Wolf packs also said they were just hanging out to have fun. Do you think you would like to join it?

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Tokyo Motor Show 2013


Tokyo Motor Show just started on November 23 at Tokyo Big Site.  This exhibition is international show of cars, motorcycles and commercial vehicles, and is held once in two years hosted by the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association(JAMA).  Japanese big 14 companies including HONDA, TOYOTA, NISSAN and foreign 18 companies introduce 426 their most advanced design and function of products like eco-friendly car or sporty car to get attention especially by young generation who is beginning to lose interest in cars.  For example, this picture is TOYOTA i-ROAD, which is operated by leaning  the driver’s body.  In this exhibition, guests can not only see new cars, but also actually drive cars and see events there.  This is good opportunity to feel differences of all companies in one place, and the companies also can appeal their technologies to the world.  Automobiles make our lives more convenient and easy, but as energy technology and environment changes with times, we need to adapt our values of things.  It is good to know what technologies we have or how our future will be changed.

According to World Keizai Shinbun, 4 Japanese automakers, TOYOTA, NISSAN, HONDA and SUZUKI are in top 10 in regard to auto sales in the world in 2012.  It shows Japanese companies are recognized for high technology.

This exhibition is 1500 yen each person.  It may be little expensive, but I would like people to visit there and feel close to car life.

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Fushimi Inari

Photo-Booth-LibraryFushimi Inari is a shrine of Inari mountain located in Fushimi-Ku, Kyoto.  Actually, this shrine is said to have about 3000 sub Inari Shrines in Japan, and the Fushimi Inari in Kyoto is main one.  In Nara era, it was established as a ritual to pray prosperous business, a bountiful harvest, safety of your family and each dream will come true. The main attraction of this shrine is of course, many of red sacred arches called Torii in Japanese.  This Torii were dedicated almost by Japanese companies expressing gratitude for their dreams literally “came” true.  This custom to dedicate Torii began in Edo era.  Now, about 10 thousand Torii are arranged at the entrance path to the shrine.


SONY DSCSpeaking of Inari, fox is symbolized as the messenger of god.  When you go to Inari, you will see two foxes both side of entrance.  In addition, Inari shrine is strongly related to Inari-sushi (いなり寿司) which is rice ball covered with Aburaage (brown color, deep fried tofu skins).  It is said aburaage is fox’s favorite food so Inari-sushi was offered to Inari shrine since early times.  Now, you may understand Inari is the most familiar shrine to Japanese.

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Like father, Like son

I am sure that I’m my parent’s child. And after watching this movie, I realized what a happy thing that is. ‘‘Like father, Like son’’(そして父になる) this movie got a praise at the Cannes film festival. That’s why I was curious about the movie.

One day, parents heard bad news suddenly that their son was not theirs because the nurse gave a baby to ao04000349imagephpimage_uid00007660w400nother mother on purpose. He is already 6 years old. But the doctor advised them that if they want a real child, that means they are family biologically, earlier time is better because children is fast to get used to things.

Have you wondered if your parents are really yours? I hadn’t until watching it. I’m really lucky to be my parent’s child. This movie can make people thank small happiness around you. If the same thing happened to me or in the future, what would I do? If I were in the family, I would feel confused. And actors and actresses were very good.

Steven Spielberg has decided to remake this movie.

I really recommend that you watch the movie. You may be made think seriously this kind of thing should not happen.

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The Bling Ring

ブリングリングThe Bling Ring is a new movie by Sofia Coppola. It made in the USA in 2013. The story is nonfiction. Story: Nikki who is a girl and other four teens live in LA. They yearned for celebrities’ life, so they robbed celebrities of clothes and jewelry. They keep on robbing but… The main character, Nikki is Emma Watson. She is famous for Hermione Granger in Harry Potter Series. She challenged herself to act as a sexy girl in this movie. In this movie, they acted at real Paris Hilton’s house. Please check it out. This movie will start December 14th at every movie theater.

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carrieCARRIE” is an american supernatural horror movie. The original is author Stephen King’s first published novel, released on April 5, 1974. Carrie is a high school girl who has special power. She has a strict mother and she is bullied by her classmates. When she notices to her power, she tries to revenge to her classmates by using her power. “CARRIE” has been released, including a 1976 feature film, a 1988 Broadway musical, a 1999 feature film sequel, a 2002 television movie. Finally, it is remake on 2013 by Kimberly Peirce director. In Japan, it has been put on November 8 and showing at a lot of theater now. Don’t worry if you don’t like horror movies. “CARRIE” is a kind of psychological horror movie so people who don’t like horror can watch safely. Please check it out. ホラー好きも、そうでない人も楽しめる映画だと思います!

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HmUQbBGEiajbBvy_22893Gochisousan is a TV drama. The genre is home drama. The main character is Meiko who really enjoys eating. Her father is a cook of his own restaurant. So she has eaten much delicious food. Later, she likes to cook by herself. She lives in Taishou Era, so she wears Kimono and Hakama. This drama’s main theme is food. Characters eat many kinds of food. Japanese traditional food and European. You can learn about food that history and way of cooking. This week, Meiko married a man and moved from Tokyo to Osaka. And there, Meiko is learning about traditional foods of Osaka. The channel is NHK and every Monday to Saturday, 8:00 AM to 8:15 AM. Please check it if you interested in it.


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There are many characters with cute appearance. Recently they are so popular in Japan. Sometimes there are the characters which are hard to say cute but the reason they are still popular is somehow they have the appearance just can’t hate. That is quite unique trend in Japan. Mostly they are community mascots.

Now, I would like to introduce my favorite “YURUCHARA”. It is “SUGAMON” which is the community mascots of Sugamo.

I have two reasons I like it. First, I personally like birds or chicks. It is actually a duck though. Second, in spite of the fact that Sugamo is famous for the place where many old people gather, thanks to this cute character, there are young people to see it in Sugamo these days. So it is the key to have young people there. Isn’t it amazing? YURUCHARA could be the reason to make the local area famous and active. From the above, I would recommend to see YURUCHARA!!


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Volcanic ashes from Sakurajima go to…

Sakurajima explosion

Nowadays, Sakurajima in Kagoshima prefecture is erupting repeatedly.  All of Japan is worried about the eruption, while the local people take it well as usual.  They know how to get along with the natural disaster for a long time, even though the traffic light went down and tons of ashes covered their houses.  By the way, do you know where the volcanic ashes go to after eruption?  In the fact, the ashes can be changed as resources which are good for ecology.  The local people know how to reuse the troublesome ashes and they actually make soaps, beauty goods, and blocks which the grasses will be planted to.





A mug made of volcanic ashes

Then, there is a male designer who runs a ceramic wares shop named ONE KLIN, and he uses volcanic ashes from Sakurajima as the material of making the products in Kagoshima.  His name is Yusuke Shiroto and was born in Kagoshima.  The ceramic wares which are used volcanic ashes create rough and characteristic texture of the material as if it was made of ironware.  This is a blog post introducing Mr. Shiroto and his product, so please check this out.

Because of the ashes, most of local people were in trouble even though they are used to.  I hope this kind of ceramic ware will be known as the local specialty in Kagoshima, and a part of the sales or advantages will be helpful for getting along with the natural disaster.  Troublesome ashes can be changed to the great products and it might be change the future of the world, too.  Don’ you think it depends on how you look at it?