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Snacks for beauty

Hi, everyone. Today I would like to share just one thing, snacks! I know especially girls love candy and it’s so addictive. Have you ever experienced though you are on diet, you can’t stop eating chips? This time I’ll tell you some healthy snacks.

The first thing you have to get in a supermarket is nuts (for example, almond, walnut etc…). It contains good oil and  makes your skin smooth. I recommend you to have 3 to 5 almonds before you have something sweets like cakes. It avoid getting too much fat. But, do not have too much. You might get pimples.

The second thing is fruits! According to the research, Japanese are less likely to have fruit in daily life compered to Western people. It has variety of good vitamins for your body. Try to have more fruit instead of sugary and fatty snacks. You can eat it the way it is or you can also make your original juice.
Girls, stop having fatty chips. If you try to have these food and add some work out in your life, you are no longer couch potato! This video shows you how to make homemade juice. It looks nice.