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What is Tie-Dye??

blog7 tiedye2Do you know Tie-dye T-shirts? Tie-dye is 絞り染め in Japanese. So what is Tie-dye? Tie-dye is a process of Tying and dying fabric cloth by using bright colors. Usually, Tie-dye is made by hands so the designs are always different. Especially, Tie-dye is famous among Thai and India. In Japan, when summer season comes, we can see a lot of Tie dye print T-shirts at clothe shops. However, you can make Tie-dye T-shirts by yourself!! Tie-dye kits are sold on this internet site! Also, this page shows us how to make Tie-dye. Let’s try to make Tie-dye T-shirts by yourself! It must be fun!