What is “Abenomics”?

SHINZ_~1What is Abenomics? These are new economic policies by Shinzo Abe, the current Prime Minister of Japan. They consist of some ideas, “Three Arrows”, we call them. Economic Growth, Monetary policy…everyone can understand until here. The majority of people look forward to start a finance policy which Shinzo Abe will do, because there is a bad financial situation in Japan. If the Japanese economy gets better, a few major companies can raise salaries. People must be happy, are’t they?
How are Abenomics working? Here is an example of Abenomics. Haruhiko Kuroda, who is president of the Bank of Japan, mentioned “Different dimension relaxation”. He has a goal for inflation of a “price increase of 2 % in 2 years”. But, the turn of affairs is suspicious, stock price has stagnated.
And, Shinzo Abe mentioned an idea which would help women to return to their previous office after childbirth. Because according to research, Japanese women tend to retire after childbirth more than other developed countries. If all plans of Shinzo Abe start, will Japan change or not?
The majority of Japanese people are expecting this new policy, but I wonder how other countries think about Japanese economic policies in G8 summit.  After the Japanese House of Councillors election on July 21 , some countries evaluate it.  But, how does it advance so that Japan may not become disadvantageous?  We need watching how moves our current Prime Minister.