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The Star Festival at TDL

DSCN7108The Tokyo Disney Land during The Star Festival, June 24 to July 7, with special events. For example, a big pine tree in the world bazaar and we can write a wishing card. Also, there is a special parade. It is Star Festival Greeting. In the greeting, Mickey and Minnie Mouse wear a costume about Star Festival, just like a Hikoboshi and Orihime. Hikobosi is a man and a cowboy. He wears a traditional cowboy’s clothes. Orihime is a woman and a weaver. She wears a traditional celestial clothes. (Please check the picture left side)  They are couple, but they can meet only once in a year, 7th of July. They ride a Jinrikisha (Japanese traditional car) during the greeting. Also, there are some special goods about Star festival. For example, sweets, key chains, and towel. These are limited goods. Star festival is very beautiful and romantic event, so you should go quickly!