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The perks of being a wallflower

The perks of being a wallflower is a 2012 American coming-of-age comedy-drama film.

215px-The_Perks_of_Being_a_Wallflower_Poster The main character, the right side of picture is Charlie (Logan Lerman), center is Sam (Emma Watson), and left side is Patrick (Ezra Miller). Charlie has some mental problem so he was an introvert in front of other people, but he met best friends like Sam and Patrick in high school. They experience love, fear, important thing together.

In this movie, Emma Watson give us surprise. As you know, she played the part of Hermione Jean Granger in Harry Potter movie. Hermione Jean Granger is serious and intellectual, but Sam is completely different. She can play various character, it’s not only Hermione Jean Granger.