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New GHIBLI Movie

ダウンロード (1)Director Miyazaki Hayao of Studio Ghibli released his latest animated film,”風立ちぬ (Kaze Tachinu)“.  The main character, Horikoshi Jiro is a real person and the director Miyazaki Hayao showed Mr. Horikoshi’s life in his film.  The main character, Horikoshi had a dream that he made airplanes.   During the time he lived was not an easy time for Japan because of the bad economy, epidemic diseases, big earthquake and World War Ⅱ.  However, the guy, Mr. Horikoshi didn’t give up his dream.  The film also shows us how young people lived in hard times and the film also encourage us to live strongly and have a dream and not to give up.  I haven’t watched it yet, but I will definitely go watch the movie.