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Let’s see shooting star☆

Meteor shower

Have you ever seen shooting stars?

Quadrantids (しぶんぎ座流星群) in January, Geminids (ふたご座流星群) in December and Perseids (ペルセウス座流星群) in August are called “three a year biggest meteor shower.” So we will be able to see Perseids soon.

In Greek myths, Perseids was born from the Almighty, Zeus and Danae. He became a hero by finishing Medusa who has snake hair. Constellation is related to Greek myths. They’re very interesting.

National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (国立天文台) has informed about Perseids in 2013. We can see it during the period which is from July 20th to August 20th. And Observatory says from 10 p.m. August 12th to 3 a.m. 13th is the best time. And 30~50 stars will shoot an hour.