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Les Miserable


I was so impressed by the movie whose name is Le Miserable. I was crying when I finished watching the movie at the theater in Boston last year. I have never watched the impressing movie like Le Miserable. It is a musical movie, so actors are usually singing songs on screen.
The cast of the movie is great. Central character, Jean Valjean, was acted by Hugh Jackman. He acts in the films titled “M-men” series. Heroine, Fantine, was acted by Anne Hathaway. Feature film to Anne’s credit was “The Devil Wears Prada”. Why I was first interested in Les Miserable is she was acting in this film, so I tried to watch the movie. And heroine’s daughter, Cosette, was acted Amanda Seyfried. I love her very much! She was acting in the musical movie “Mamma Mia!” as the heroine. Her voice is sensitive and beautiful.
I have many favorite scenes in this movie. One of them is that France Revolution happened. Young people revolt the government and fight a battle against France army. There is the very sad scene which Valjean passes away. I was crying a lot when I watch the scene. But last scene is so powerful and encouraging. I am glad to find this movie very much.