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Girl’s Party

女子会~1Recently, a lot of hotels or restaurants has plan that is only for women. It called “Joshikai” by Japanese. It means we stay hotel or eat delicious dinner or lunch with only girl’s friends. And we talk girl’s talk. Like girl’s party!
If we use “joshikai plan”, we can stay hotel or eat delicious meal a little cheap cost than original cost. And we can get some options. For example, we can get some cosmetics. It’s only Joshikai plan could.

Nippon Keizai Shinbun made ranking that is popular “Joshikai plan” of hotel.
1. Hotel Tsubakiyamasou Tokyo
2. Teikoku Hotel
3. Sheraton Miyako Hotel Tokyo
Those hotel, usually expensive hotel, but if we use “Joshikai plan”, we can stay the hotel a little cheaply.
I think this is wonderful plan for women. Because we can fell small gorgeous! And we can enjoy girls talk with friends.