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Change habitual menu into special one

Italian somen


Almost all Japanese people eat Somen in summer. It makes us cool. And it’s easy to cook and eat. But gradually we’re being tired of eating. We think about different recipe for it.

So I recommend checking this homepage, COOKPAD. It has a lot of recipes for various meals. People who like cooking cook in their particular ways. And they introduce their dishes on the web. They’re fresh and creative.

On this site, I searched the word, “Somen,” and approximately 12,000 recipes of it were shown. I was so surprised. One of them, I found an Italian Somen. It uses tomatoes and basiles. I want to eat it.

If you are interested in cooking, why don’t you try to cook?

One reply on “Change habitual menu into special one”

I know COOKPAD is so useful and helpful for housewifes and mothers, especially.
But I think it’s also difficult to pick up my favorite one from many menus…right?

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