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New GHIBLI Movie

ダウンロード (1)Director Miyazaki Hayao of Studio Ghibli released his latest animated film,”風立ちぬ (Kaze Tachinu)“.  The main character, Horikoshi Jiro is a real person and the director Miyazaki Hayao showed Mr. Horikoshi’s life in his film.  The main character, Horikoshi had a dream that he made airplanes.   During the time he lived was not an easy time for Japan because of the bad economy, epidemic diseases, big earthquake and World War Ⅱ.  However, the guy, Mr. Horikoshi didn’t give up his dream.  The film also shows us how young people lived in hard times and the film also encourage us to live strongly and have a dream and not to give up.  I haven’t watched it yet, but I will definitely go watch the movie.

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Royal Baby

写真 2

On July 23rd at Japan time, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge had a baby.  The baby was 3,800 grams and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have named their son George Alexander Louis.  Their son, George affected the economy already.  People in England started to buy baby covers that the Duchess of Cambridge used for her son and all of them were sold already.

I was worried about her because all reporters were chasing around her and kept watching her to scoop just before she had a baby.  I was worried that the Duchess of Cambridge felt stress because of those reporters.  But I’m relieved to hear that she had a baby safely.

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Driver license camp

p_0618You can get a driver’s license at the license training camp in Yamagata.  The term is only two weeks and the cost is 270,000 yen.  If we go driver license camp, we can get driver license very easily and faster than commuting to the driver license center.  Because, we are assigned all two week’s schedules and we need to take classes all day.  License training camp will be a hard schedule but it is good effective program. Look for me out on the road after the summer!

Japan Job Hunting

Job hunting’s hair style

23361br_20110506130100From December, our job hunting will start.  There are many explanations about  job hunting in December.  So, I introduce the job hunting’s hair style.  We can enjoy our hair style now.  For example, we can dye any color and we can perm the hair.  But, when we start job hunting, we have to dye our hair black and we can’t perm our hair.  The reason why we need to dye hair color black is that it looks more sincere.  Also, we should make hair styles which can see our face clearly like this picture.  Until December, we should enjoy our hair style !

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Where do you want to go?


Where do you want to go this Summer vacation??

Here are the top three popular countries for Japanese in this year.

According to Yahoo News, No.1 is Hawaii. All most all visitors are repeaters. These days, Hawaiian food and culture is very popular in Japan, so many Japanese have an interest.

No,2 is Central Europe which is Czech , Poland and Slovakia. Poland has many world heritage, so we want to see it. No,3 is Chinese Taipei. In 2012, about 140 million  Japanese visitor went to Chinese Taipei as a tourist. From Japan, it takes 2-3 hours by airplane. We can go easily and cheaply. Recently, LCC ( cheap flight like peach) flight are available.  Let’s go to see the new world!!