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jack wills

My favorite label is Jack Wills. I first went to the shop last year in Boston. I had been studying there. There is Newbury Street in Boston. The street is a shopping street. I like going shopping and going there. One day, I went to shopping as always. Then I found the shop accidentally.
Jack Wills was found in the United Kingdom in 1999. This label targets college students. There are 37 Jack Wills shops around the world. There are 6 the shops in the UK. This brand’s image is sporty and college school life. The label sell not only clothes but also stationary, furniture, cosmetics, and convenient goods a lot.
There is no Jack Wills in Japan now. I hope that the shop will be opened in Japan in the future!

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If you think about it, chopsticks are very useful when you learn how to use them.  Every time I serve chopsticks to customers at my restaurant I work as a part time job, I realize the value of them.

Chopsticks are used for every kinds of dishes such as noodle, rice, fish, meat.  Chopsticks are almighty.

 To provide best service at my restaurant, we are usually supposed to prepare knives, forks and plates same number of dishes we are going to provide.  In case doing this is difficult, I always realize how useful chopsticks are.

I found that almost all foreigners are surprisingly good at chopsticks! I’m glad I can picture they are practicing chopsticks 🙂