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Estudiemos español !!


I like learning Spanish. I took Spanish class just one semester when I was a high school student. Then I liked Spanish pronunciation and rhythm. When I entered this college, I decided to learn Spanish as third language. I was excited to study Spanish then. However, Spanish grammar is more complex than English. It was too difficult to understand for me and it was not excited to study it then.

My thought for Spanish was changing when I went to Boston. I had to take Spanish class there, but I was afraid of it because I could not understand the class in Japan. I thought I cannot understand Spanish class in English. But Katie who was my Spanish teacher there was so kind and she spoke easy English and easy Spanish for us. I started understanding Spanish little by little. And I could speak Spanish a little.

Spanish was spoken about 400 million people around world. The language is an international language of Latin America. Over 20 countries and areas use Spanish as the first language.

I am proud of talking Spanish a little. I used Spanish and made some friends when I was in Boston. I want to learn Spanish more and more. And I want to communicate with people who speak Spanish.

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Food & Wine Festival in Hawaii


The third annual Hawaiian Food &Wine Festival will take place Sept. 1-9, 2013 on Oahu and Maui in Hawaii. About 70 great chefs will come to this event, and make delicious food for us.

Hawaii, America, Japan, Korea, Chinese Taipei, Philippines and Australian chefs got an invitation of this event. They will use crops, fish, beef which are all  made from Hawaii.

Last year, this festival provided to visitor a wine seminar, wine tasting and special dining. If you have a chance to go to Hawaii this summer, you can experience this kind of fun event!! It’s going to be fun!!!


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The film of ” Last Cinderella “

00000507001Do you know the big hit drama ” Last Cinderella ” become a film ?  This is surprising news and happy news for us.  Because a lot of girls loved this drama and every week we watched it.  This was a love story between around 40 years woman and 25 years man.  This film will be published at the most of the whole countries in the spring of next year.  The content is the review of the drama and following the last inning.  Let’s go to watch this film next year !

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main_toku-thumb-758x474-123As you know, SUBWAY is sandwich fast food restaurant.  There are many kinds of menu but I recommend you about “得サブ”.  “得サブ” means that SUBWAY’s lunch is on sale.  This service is only in Japan.  The menu is different depending on the day of the week at the lunch time.  The cost is only 320 yen.  I think this is a very good service because we can eat a lot of vegetable and we can be full by eating SUBWAY.  When you go to SUBWAY, please order “得サブ”.

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Sun burn care

imagesSummer came already. Are you taking care of your skin?  Sunburn care is important for your health.Sunbathing causes ultraviolet light to increase the melanin in your skin. This causes a sunburn.  So, not to increase the melanin, it is important to activate the metabolism of your skin.To improve the skin metabolism, there are three things which we have to do.  The first is that we have to get enough time to sleep. At least 6, but better 7 or 8 hours each night. The second is that we have to get enough minerals and vitamins A, C, and E.  The last is that we have to care for our skin with whitening cream. After the sunburn, we should cool our skin and drink water. If you don’t take care of the sunburn, it can affect your health. So, please take care of your sunburn and enjoy this summer!

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Sugar Rush

img_468157_8253468_0Did you see “Sugar Rush” ?  This is a 3D computer-animated film which was made by Walt Disney Pictures in 2012.  This film’s main character is Ralph.  He is a villain in the arcade game.  But he wants to be a hero and get the hero’s medal.  Then he invaded the difference game’s world and got the medal.  But he straid into the sugar rush which is the world of sugar race game and he met the girl, Vanellope.  She was also hated by everyone.  This is a fantasy adventure movie of Ralph and Vanellope.  So, check it out !