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Do you like Okonokiyaki?  I love it, and if you like it, I want to recommend you a very good Okonomiyaki shop.  The shop is “Dōtonbori”, it is All-you-can-eat buffet.  You could eat many kind of Okonomiyaki in there for two hours.  And the drink also is included.  However, the price is a little expensive, but I think you could enjoy with your friends.


Girls Generation

snsd3Girl’s generation is Korean pop music group. They are nine members, Taeyeon, Jessica, Sunny, Tiffany, Hyoyeon, Yuri, Sooyoung, YoonA, SeoHyun. The leader is Taeyeon. I love her very much. They debuted in 2007. They live all together in their dormitory. They sing a lot of wonderful songs. My favorite song is “Kissing you”. They sold a new song “Love & Girls” on June 19. It is a summer song. If you interested in K-pop music, you should try to listen their songs.

Food and Drink

Oreno Italian

俺のイタリアンOreno Italian is  a restaurant. There are many this restaurants in Tokyo, for example Shinbashi and Ginza. Usually Italian food is a little expensive, but they provide it more cheaper than other restaurants. The whole pizza is 598yen. I was very surprised. It was delicious. If you want to eat Italian food but you don’t have a lot of money, you should go to Oreno Italian.

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A Kind of Culture Shock?


I think I felt reverse culture shock when I came back to Japan. Reverse culture shock is a kind of culture shock but it happen when people come back to their own country.
During my spring vacation, I was looking forward very much to going to college in Japan because we did not spend time at Showa Tokyo last year. When I try to take a train, I was so surprised at the platform because of too many people on the train!! I did not expect “Rush Hour” is terrible like that. But I had to take the train, so I took it. After that, I was exhausted. Before I went to the United States, I took trains on Rush Hour everyday. I couldn’t imagine that!
Then I thought that is this reverse culture shock? I searched in the Internet and found these sentences…
For those of us who suffered no or very mild ‘culture shock’ when coming to Japan, the bad news is that we will suffer ‘reverse culture shock’ and have difficulty adapting back to our original life style
I didn’t suffer so much, but I could agree with these sentences.
I was in Boston just one year. However, I felt a little “Reverse Culture Shock”. Just a little….

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Summer Internship

internship I am worried about job-hunting. Recently, some my friends change their hair color brown to black because we have to prepare for internship. I also decided to do internship and changed my hair color darker than before.

Internship is a method which you gain experiences through work before you start working. We can learn what we will do on the job in the future in advance. College students usually experience some of the internships, and then they try to do job-hunting.

I want to be a receptionist, so I will stay and work an old famous hotel for my internship. I am nervous that I will do internship from now. On the other hand, I am excited that what I can learn at the hotel!

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398c15e667c2b956_S2Have you ever traveled in Thailand ?  In this summer, I will go there !  Thaiand is popular country to travel for women recently.  Because, the flight time is only 6 hours.  There are many sightseeings and world heritage sites in Thailand.  “ASIATIQUE night market” is one of the popular sightseeings.  This market opened in April 2012 and it is the biggest night market in Thailand.  There are many general stores, souvenir shops and clothes shops.  We can buy anythig !  Also, there are some restaurants near the market.  We can enjoy shopping during the middle of the night.  So, if you go to Thailand, please go this market.

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Edogawa fireworks

hanabi4Do you have plan to go to the “Edogawa fireworks” ?  This fireworks will held on August 3rd.  This time, 14000 fireworks will shoot off.  A lot of people comes in this Edogawa fireworks every year and it is one of the popular fireworks in Japan.  Every year, this fireworks constitute 8 themes.  This time’s highlight is the theme ” Samba de Night “.  And also, if you want to see fireworks more near place, I recommend you to ride on a boat.  The cost is about 1000 to 2000 yen per person and it must be booked.  If you don’t have plan to go to fireworks, please go to this Edogawa fireworks !

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The Star Festival event in Tokyo Disney Land


There is an event of the star festival in Tokyo Disneyland on June 24th to July 7th.  Only this season Mickey mouse wear the altair costume and Minnie mouse wear the vega costume.  There is a very big bamboo tree and everyone can write their hope in the special card and decorate it to the bamboo tree.  The star festival event is popular Japanese event.  So, this collaboration event is nice !  You should go this event.