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Japan’s best baseball player

images (1)Ootani Shouhei is a pro baseball player. He is still 19 years old. He is 193 cm tall. He was from Iwate prefecture. His father was a baseball player and his mother was a badminton player.

His family is a sport family. When he was a child, he took part in the tournament of the whole country many times.

He admired Kikuchi Yuusei and went to Hananomaki Higashi high school. Afterward, he got an offer to enter the major leagues and Japanese pro leagues. Finally, he chose Japanese pro leagues. Now, he is playing in Nippon ham fighters. Many people say he is awesome. I wish he will achieve and contribute for Japanese baseball , too.



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POP Singers Traveling all over the World


I’m interested in English POP music. Recently, English POP music is so popular around the world. One of reason is English songs are easy to understand because People all over the world can speak English as first language  or second language. For example, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, One Direction and the Wanted. They are very popular overseas. Taylor and Katy are american singers.They are from the United States. One Direction and the Wanted are from the United Kingdom.

Why are they so popular? Because they all are nice looking, and of course they are so good at singing. In addition, they all do great performances at their concerts or on TV. That’s why they are popular not  only in the US or in the UK but also in the other countries.

I especially like Taylor Swift and Maroon5. Their songs and performances are also good as same as top artists.
I am sure that they will continue to be popular in the future.
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Les Miserable


I was so impressed by the movie whose name is Le Miserable. I was crying when I finished watching the movie at the theater in Boston last year. I have never watched the impressing movie like Le Miserable. It is a musical movie, so actors are usually singing songs on screen.
The cast of the movie is great. Central character, Jean Valjean, was acted by Hugh Jackman. He acts in the films titled “M-men” series. Heroine, Fantine, was acted by Anne Hathaway. Feature film to Anne’s credit was “The Devil Wears Prada”. Why I was first interested in Les Miserable is she was acting in this film, so I tried to watch the movie. And heroine’s daughter, Cosette, was acted Amanda Seyfried. I love her very much! She was acting in the musical movie “Mamma Mia!” as the heroine. Her voice is sensitive and beautiful.
I have many favorite scenes in this movie. One of them is that France Revolution happened. Young people revolt the government and fight a battle against France army. There is the very sad scene which Valjean passes away. I was crying a lot when I watch the scene. But last scene is so powerful and encouraging. I am glad to find this movie very much.

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More talking possible with LINE


Women (including girls) like taking very much. They are talking wherever they go. Of course I also like talking. When I see my friends, we often spend a lot of time for just talking. We have many kinds of topic to talk. For example, about hobbies, relationships with friends, love…and so on. Recently, my friends and I often talk about part-time jobs! We started part-time jobs most of the same time because we were in Boston until this February. Everyone has different jobs so I can know about a variety of jobs.

In addition, we can enjoy talking using LINE. LINE is an application which was made by Korean company. This app is so popular from smartphone users in Japan. We can text easily and speedy. Domestic LINE users are 45 million. But the application is being popular in south-eastern Asia now, and the users are 200 million in the world. When we use LINE, we feel that we are talking because of so speedy.

Our talking style is changing. It is modernistic and interesting!

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Asahiyama Zoo

くまAsahiyama Zoo is in Asahikawa, Hokkaido. It opened in 1967. It is very popular for all Japanese people and it is famous in the world. The reason why it is popular is the exhibits of animals. They show the behavior and life of animals. We can observe the unusual behaviors of animals. There are a lot of institution for each animals, for example Penguin house and Polar bear house and so on. It holds “Mogumogu Time”. In the time, all animals eat their food.  I have never been there, so I want to go. If you have visited Asahiyama Zoo, what is your recommendation?

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Fireworks Festival in Atsugi named after a fish


There are a lot of fireworks festivals in summer in Japan. I would like to introduce Ayu Festival in Atsugi-city, Kanagawa this time.

Ayu is the name which is kind of fish. Atsugi-city has Sagami river, and there are Ayu in the river. The festival was named from this river.

I’m from Morinosato in Astugi-city. I was born at there and I grew up at there. Morinosato is very countryside so there is no event to be fun. I was looking forward to going to Ayu Festival every summer when I was child. Because this festival has a main event that is a large number of fireworks. If we want to see the fireworks at good places, we have to get a postcard for one group. The postcard is an invitation ticket from city government. My father has a office in the city and he gets the postcard very year. So my family often went to the festival with the invitation ticket when my older brother and I were a little.

There are festival’s events are not only fireworks but also J-POP singers’ concert. Singers are invited by the city government and they sing some songs on the big stage in the park!

I recommend you all go to Ayu Festival! The festival is held at a little countryside, but I think it is more fun than you think!!

Food and Drink health

We need to drink a lot of water

os1In summer we sweat a lot, so we have to drink more water. It is OK to drink normal water but OS-1 is better than normal water and Aquarius. OS-1 is 経口補水液。経口補水液 has some salt and glucose. If you have heat illness, you have to take some salt and glucose. These materials help you to be better. Additionally, it prevents that you get heat illness. This summer is also very hot, so we are careful that we get heat illness.