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LCC: Low Cost Carrier for cheap air flights

250px-Jeju_Air_7C_B737-800LCC is abbreviated as “Low Cost Carrier”.  Now, there are many LCC companies in the world. Of course, there are many LCC companies also in Japan. For example, these are JetStar Japan, SkyMark Airlines, Peach and AirAsia. Peach is the first LCC airplane company in Japan. You can travel at a good bargain for using LCC.

I used the LCC for visiting Korea last time. The LCC is JEJU AIR. It was really cheap! LCC has many merits. For example, these are cheap and being able to get the one-way ticket. However, they have weaknesses. These are having services for a fee and risks of delaying. In addition, the seats are small. When you want to cancell the flight ticket, you have to pay much high commission. If you have a chance to go abroad, you’d try!!!

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Ideal matchmaking event for geeks

It ‘s well-known fact Japan is really famous for anime culture. We call those who are deeply involved in anime “Otaku (geeks)”. Sometimes people can’t understand what they love and the word “Otaku” initially had negative meaning. However, situation has changed and now, we can’t ignore them when we talk about Japanese culture.

They are likely to be comfortable with people who can understand what they like. And they  held their own matchmaking party. However, there’s one thing really unique. All participants have to wear anime masks! What they do is just same as normal matchmaking event though, they can’t even see their faces.

Although they can’t have a look at their faces each other, this event produced many Otaku couples and surprisingly some of them married! If you are interested in this and you like anime, it might be the best way to find your partner.

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Love story of a blind girl.

I would like to share a love story with you.

There was a girl who lost her sight when she was a baby. Because of her disability, she was forced to live in darkness and it brings her so many difficulties in life. However, she has a friend who always stay with her. Although she can’t see him, she is really happy with him. One day, she decided to take an operation to regain her sight. Fortunately the operation was successful and several months later her sight completely regained. The first thing she saw was a boy got down one knee and he said” Will you marry me?”

I found this story on facebook. If you want more moving love story like this, click here.