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16 Year-Old Girl Surrendered Herself for onLINE murder

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On July 23, police officers arrested a 16-year-old girl and 6 other people.  According to news reports, the reason why the girl who killed her classmate was maybe smart phone application, LINE.  The girls were arguing with each other on the app LINE.  This is examples they wrote each other on the LINE.

「人間じゃない。 死ね  (You are not a human.  Go to hell! )」

「殺したるわい  (I’ll kill you) 」

「おー来いや  (Come on!) 」

16 year-old-girl killed her classmate just because she got mad at what her classmate said on the Internet.  More surprisingly, 6 other people were friends of the girl who killed on LINE and some of them didn’t know the girl who was killed.

The number of LINE users keeps growing now.  I learned I should never say bad things to my friends on LINE because they can’t know my real feelings on the Internet.