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4th of JULY

blog10 4th of JULYDo you know what day is July 4th ? The answer is Independence Day of The U.S.A!!! Independence Day is known as 4th of JULY and very very important day for American people. The U.S.A separated from the Kingdom of Great Britain and published Declaration of Independence on 1776, JULY 4th and from that day, people decided that JULY 4th is official holiday. There are parades, carnivals, concerts, and speeches in the U.S.A every year and at last, fireworks were set off. Every American celebrate this day like Thanksgiving and Christmas. If you go to the U.S.A this time, you can see a lot of American flags. Happy Holiday!!

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blog9 shoes

Are you ready for your Summer Sandals?? If your answer is NOT YET, I want to recommend you my favorite shoes shop!! The shop’s name is CHARLES & KEITH. This shop was opened from April 6th at Harajuku. You can see this shop in front of LaForet Harajuku (ラフォーレ原宿). CHARLES & KEITH made of Singapore. There are shoes, sunglasses, bags, and accessories. Those commodities are very stylish so absolutely you can find your favorite goods!! The cost is not expensive, for example, Shoes are about 5,500yen and bags are about 7,000yen. It is good price for us, isn’t it? Let’s go shopping to CHARLES & KEITH!!


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MacDonald’s New Hamburger!!!

From JULY 6th, Japan MacDonald will sell new hamburger which is named “Quarter Pounder Jewelry”. There are 3blog8 mac types of hamburgers. First is “Gold Ring”. The taste is BBQ sauce. There are beef, 2bacons, pineapples and cheese in inside. “Gold Ring” will be sold from JULY 6th. Second is “Black Diamonds”. Truffle sauce will be used and in inside, there are beef, mushrooms, onions, and cheese. “Black Diamonds” will be sold from JULY 13th. Third is “Ruby Spark” which will be sold from JULY 20th. There are beef, chorizo, avocados cheese and pepper. The price is 1000yen each. Jewelry set (plus fried potato and drink) is 1200yen. Let’s try to eat!


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What is Tie-Dye??

blog7 tiedye2Do you know Tie-dye T-shirts? Tie-dye is 絞り染め in Japanese. So what is Tie-dye? Tie-dye is a process of Tying and dying fabric cloth by using bright colors. Usually, Tie-dye is made by hands so the designs are always different. Especially, Tie-dye is famous among Thai and India. In Japan, when summer season comes, we can see a lot of Tie dye print T-shirts at clothe shops. However, you can make Tie-dye T-shirts by yourself!! Tie-dye kits are sold on this internet site! Also, this page shows us how to make Tie-dye. Let’s try to make Tie-dye T-shirts by yourself! It must be fun!

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My Little Paris

My Little Paris logois popular web page in Paris. It has been the spotlight in Paris. This web page provide some up-to-date information such as fashion, cafes, places which everyone is talking about right now etc with parisienne. Even if you are not parisienne, you can enjoy to see it because when you go to Paris, this web page is very useful. It introduce not only just sightseeing but some little-know hot spots in Paris. In addition, every month if you pay 15€, you can get some gifts from My Little Paris. Let’s check it out!

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Summer Land


Have you been to “Summer Land”? Summer Land is an amusement park which is located in Hachioji. You can go to

blog6 summerlandSummer Land from Shinjuku or Tokyo station by train about for 1hour and half. Summer Land has outside and inside pool corners, a lot of ridings and hotel. And also there are special festivals during summer vacation. For example, , summer songs festival will be held from August 8th to 18th. This festival is a music live so some artists will sing summer songs. By the way, how about pool corners?! Speaking of summer, you will want to go to pool, won’t you? Summer Land’s pool corner is very big. Not only pools, also there are water sliders and some atractions. The cost is 4500yen for per person, but you can find a discount ticket from Summer Land’s home page!



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Green tea!


Recently many green tea foods have been popular in Japan. In fact green tea is good for our health. I wonder how it affects the human body. There are three effects. First, green tea contains abundant vitamins. Second, it contains potassium that prevent swelling. Third, if we eat or drink it, we could live a long life. According to university of Touhoku project, over 50 years old women who drink green tea could live longer than women who don’t drink it. So I recommend people should drink or eat green tea foods!


[ Champagne ]

aDo you know [ Champagne ]? This is a Japanese Rock band, and I’m a big fan of them. I think many of you guys don’t know them. They are not major but in Japanese Rock, they are so famous. The vocal who name is Yohei Kawakami, he lived in Syrian Arab Republic, so he can speak English fluently. Almost all their songs are written by English. I went to their concert, and I prefer to the concert more than CDs because their concert is awesome! Nowadays, they became so popular, so I can’t buy thier ticket. Next spring, they will give a concert at the Budokan, so I really want to go there!



Friends_season_one_castDo you know “Friends“? This is a famous American drama. This drama shows many things, so you can learn American culture, real Americans, food, fashion, and many things. This drama has more than 200 stories so very long hit and you can know how much Americans like this show. This is set in NY, so I remember many places, for example, Empire State Building and yellow cab. I like this drama because this drama shows a real Americna life, and I can feel that I’m a real friend of them. All characters are very unique, and so funny. If you watch the first episode, I’m sure you would like them.


The Art of Getting By


I want to introduce one of my favorite movies. The tittle is “The Art of Getting By.” One boy who name is George is a lonely boy. He likes drawing art but he is spiritless during a real day of work. One day, he becomes a friend who name is Sally. He is falling love with her, and his life is changing.
This film shows a real lifestyle about high school, and I really moved by this film. If you are sad, spiritless , or feel bad, I recommend you to watch it. Maybe you feel better and sympathy.