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Bored First years make videos

This kind of bored activity is both fun and good. A small group of first year students were bored at lunch and decided to play around with their iPod Touches. These little machines can do so much, both with wifi and without.

In our first video we get the feeling that our student have seen The Beatles movie “A Hard Day’s Night”

And now for a little fun stuff with a few more students. More is better, right?


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Color contact lens

polarisbrown3floor-beforeafterColor contact lens is different from normal contact lens. Color contact lens provides color or design on the lens. Many young people, especially Asians, put in them for big eyes. There are many kinds of color contact lens in Japan. People can change their face easily using color contact lens. However the percentage is increasing where young people lose sight. People who lose sight didn’t wash their color contact lens or use it with dirty hands. If you are using color contact lens now, you must wash color contact lens and use it with clean hands!

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Ice Candy


Summer is coming soon. In summer, everyone loves to eat ice candies. Recently, one ice candy is popular among people. It is Garigari-kun (ガリガリ君). This ice candy is very crunchy because there are many little ice blocks in the ice candy. Also, Garigari-kun has various flavors. 26 types of Garigari-kun are sold in store. I would like to introduce some flavors. Soda is always sold in store. It is standard flavor. Pear is very popular in summer. Corn soup is interesting.  Many people were interested in it and bought it, so it was sold out soon. Others are orange, cola, and pudding. Garigari-kun is cheap; it is about 70 yen. Therefore in this summer you enjoy it a lot and enjoy flavors!

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Hot Danish with coffee

Komeda_ShironoShironowa-ru is a dessert of “Komeda coffee”. Komeda coffee is a café shop. At first, Komeda coffee opened in only Nagoya, but now there are many Komeda coffee in other prefectures. There is a Komeda coffee near Sangenjyaya station. Shironowa-ru is a dessert which put ice-cream and cherry blossom on the hot Danish. It’s very tasty. The cost is 590 yen. Shironowa-ru means Shiro means “white” in Japanese and nowa-ru means “black” in French. If you have chance to go to Komeda coffee, you should try to eat Shironowa-ru!

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Stephen King

show_imageStephen King is a famous horror writer. He was born in the U.S. His famous movies are “the Green mile”, “the Shining”, “Stand by Me”, “The Shawshank Redemption”, “The Mist “, “Misery” and so on. Especially “The Mist” is very interesting! The ending was so surprising. King said people that don’t tell the end of this story anyone, so I can’t tell the end of this story. If you want to know, you should watch this movie! I recommend you to see another King’s movie after watch this movie.

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The Star Festival at TDL

DSCN7108The Tokyo Disney Land during The Star Festival, June 24 to July 7, with special events. For example, a big pine tree in the world bazaar and we can write a wishing card. Also, there is a special parade. It is Star Festival Greeting. In the greeting, Mickey and Minnie Mouse wear a costume about Star Festival, just like a Hikoboshi and Orihime. Hikobosi is a man and a cowboy. He wears a traditional cowboy’s clothes. Orihime is a woman and a weaver. She wears a traditional celestial clothes. (Please check the picture left side)  They are couple, but they can meet only once in a year, 7th of July. They ride a Jinrikisha (Japanese traditional car) during the greeting. Also, there are some special goods about Star festival. For example, sweets, key chains, and towel. These are limited goods. Star festival is very beautiful and romantic event, so you should go quickly!

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Steve Aoki

STEVE-AOKI-JUMP-1024x689Dou you know Steve Aoki? He is a famous DJ in the world. He is from Florida. His sister is Devon Aoki. She is a model. His father is Rocky Aoki. He is a manager of “BENIHANA” which is a famous Japanese restaurant in California. His parents run this restaurant in Japan. Steve Aoki makes music as Electronic music and House music. He often makes music with other famous DJ and singers. He is active in Europe because Europe is a birthplace of Electronic. Aoki often jump like picture with other artists. This jump call “Aoki jump”. If you like Electronic music and House music, check it out!

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ikea-logoIKEA is a famous and biggest furniture shop in the world. IKEA comes from Sweden, so you can get Swedish furniture here. IKEA’s sakes point is good price, good design and good after care. You can get cute furniture cheap price. If you can’t construct furniture, you call IKEA and they teach how to construct. All furniture in IKEA is named by Swedish. Swedish, German and Japanese say “IKEA”, but American say “AIKEA”. You can enjoy not only shopping, but also eat Swedish food. There is a restaurant in IKEA. Food is also good. Now, there are five IKEA in Japan. If you want to get cute furniture, you should go to IKEA!

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Do you like a horror movie?

carrie-poster-fullbloodybody-fullIt will become warm, you feel to want to watch the horror movie, don’t you? In this summer,  remakes of many famous movies will be coming! For instance, it is “Carrie” or “Texas Chainsaw 3D”. “Carrie” was released 37 years ago. In Japan, it has been said since many years ago even though you would get a cold as soon as you finished watching horror movie. Let’s watch the horror movie right now!

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First class

20130625_ehHave you ever ridden First class? Etihad Airways is the best First class in the world 2013. Etihad Airways is Arabian Airport Company. Passengers get some special services. First people can massage of facial, foot and scalp in airplane for free. Next people can relax drinking expensive vintage champagne at bar. In addition, the seat is leather which made by company that makes seat of Ferrari. Seat becomes flat bed. There is a 23 inch TV. People can use internet. People can enjoy and relax in airplane.