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Yuru-chara nasshi-!

left:Kumamon  right:funasshi-
left:Kumamon right:funasshi-

Yuruchara is a character which is made to promote the home town (prefecture). Now most of prefectures have their own Yuruchara. Recently the yurucharas have been paid attention. The most famous character is Kumamon. He is from Kumamoto prefecture and he is popular because of his strange moving and his kind of cute appearance. Also, he got NO1 prize of Yuruchara competition 2011 beating other 800 characters. There is no day that I don’t see him on TV. However, such a cute character, Kumamon is in the hard situation now. There is an UNOFFICIAL character that appeared suddenly from Funabashi city. His name is FUNASSHI-, who is a fairy of a pear (according to him). Although he is unofficial, he is getting more popular. The funniest point about him is his high tension character and his moving. Anyway he always put ‘nasshi-!!‘on the end of his words and moves extremely crazily. First time I saw him, I thought ‘he is new character…he looks like crazy…’ but somehow attractive.But because he is unofficial, he has to do everything by his own, such as twitter, HP, amd promotion with his money. Also, his costume is so old but he cannot afford.

Now, he is my favorite. I cannot miss his action!