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Why does Japan attract you?

Why did you come to Japan 02‘‘Why did you come to Japan?’’ they ask people coming to Japan at the airport. It is a Japanese TV program called ‘Youは何しに日本へ?(why did you come to Japan?)’ This program is interviewing people from other countries the reason why they come to Japan and the purpose. And if they say OK, the program follows them and takes a look at how their life looks like for a couple of days. Recently I have no days that I don’t see foreigners in Tokyo. Why are they here? Are they traveling? Are they working here? You can get the answer in this TV show. One person from U.K came to walk from Osaka to Tokyo spending 1 month. One person form NYC came to work as an English teacher. One person form the U.S just came to see cherry blossoms. There are as many reasons as people. I’m very glad to see people choosing Japan to visit as Japanese although there are lots of countries which are very good to visit. And you would realize how nice Japan and to meet people is. If you are interested in, check it out!