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Who is kyary-pamyu-pamyu?

Hi, everyone. Today I’d like to introduce about Japanese Harajyuku culture. Harajyuku is one of the Japanese most famous downtowns and it has been creating iconic fashion. Harajyuku fashion are likely to have vivid colors and futuristic shape. And it definately has anime taste. If you go to Harajyuku, you will be able to see people in dress like costume.

   When it comes to Harajyuku, you can’t miss one girl called kyary-pamyu-pamyu. She is 20 year-old fashion model and singer. Her first song “Pon-pon-pon” became really popular all over the world through Youtube, so she is having world tour this year. Since she was a fashion model, her creative taste has fascinated many young girls. We can say she is a pioneer of new fashion.

This Youtube video shows how American kids react to her and her song. The song caused a big impact on world listeners. What do you think? Check it out.