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Tell your love in a high place

無題 Fujikyu high land (an amusement park in Yamanashi prefecture) announced new plan called Takabisya wedding. Takabisya is one of the most scary roller coasters of Fujikyu high land. Also it has a Guinness record of roller coasters because of its fall angle of 121°. That must be so scary that people cannot have time to think. How do couple get wedding there? According to the announcement, first, they got congratulating from other visitors and relatives, then they get on the coaster that is all reserved with wedding dress and tuxedo. After that they can take a picture in front of Takabisya, and they are recorded while getting on the coaster. So they can watch the vicdeo, which is edited by the professional person, at the ceremony. To tell the truth, there is already 1 couple who tried it. A man proposed her at high place and a woman said yes. He didn’t propose her before this wedding, so that became an official propose. The price is from 300,000 yen.

The bonds between couple must be stronger by overcoming the fear of Takabisya together.