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Sweets in Convenience stores

Cherry Parfait

Recently, we can buy sweets in almost all convenience stores with reasonable prices. The tastes are good for their prices. People not only women but also men can enjoy various sweets easily.

I recommend a new limited-time sweet. It was sold in MINISTOP. It costs 260 yen. It   looks like a small parfait decorated with mousse, jelly, and cream flavored with cherry. On the top of it, 3 cherries are put. Their variety is Satohnishiki.(佐藤錦)  This kind is a little more expensive than American cherry.   And I think sweets of cherry is not so common and it’s for only summer season.

It has released from June 21st and  probably it’ll be running  until July 19th. If you can find it, let’s try it!

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