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Summer vacation is just around the corner!

Have you already decided your plans for this summer vacation? You can go anywhere and do everything you want to. Summer vacation has a lot of festivals such as the Star Festival (Tanabata) and fireworks. So I’ll introduce some of them.

Tanabata      First is “the 3 biggest Tanabata festivals”. They are held in Miyagi, Kanagawa, and Aichi prefecture. You can see beautiful displays and enjoy some entertainments showed by local people.Firework Festival in Akita

Second is “the 3 biggest Firework festivals.” They are held in Akita, Nigata, and Ibaraki. Especially Akita’s is the oldest. It has started since 1910.

The last is Nebuta Festival in Aomori. This is sooooo big festival in Japan. Every year over 3 million people were gathered.

Aomori Nebuta Festival

If you want to enjoy festival in summer, I reccomend you to check this homepage.