Protect yourself from the heat!


The summer is coming. Usually, we turn on the switch of air conditioner, however of course we know that it is not good too much use it for our body and health. This article said that there are ways to avoid the temperature increase.

First, you use a bamboo blind (Sudare in Japanese). It is a point, you should use it on the window from outside because it prevent the sun of heat.Second, someone who leave the home forget to close the curtain in the daytime. But it is bad because the windows and floor would have the heat and it will the cause of  the temperature increase at night.

Finally, it is about how to use the air conditioner.  We apt to use the air conditioner by DRY mode, because we have a prejudice that Dry mode is good for power saving, but it is an untruth. In reality, air-conditioned (Reibou) mode is cheaper than dry mode.

The Meteorological Agency informed us that this summer will be hotter than last year. Let’s overcome the hot summer days! (Photo by (c)Tomo.Yun)