Oyama no Suginoko

1-07-2Do you like Udon? Do you like Soba?
I want to introduce best restaurant in Sangenjaya.
The name is Oyama no Suginoko(お山のすぎの子).
Suginoko prouds of hand -made udon.
Soup stock (だし) hasn’t been used chemical seasoning since 1981 (Suginoko was established).
Furthermore, if you like to listening to jazz, it is certain that you will like this place.
Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday, they have music time from19:30 and 20:30 for 30 minutes.
You can enjoy jazz music and live performance for free.
If you will really take to the artists, you can tip for them.
Suginoko gives good service for guests.
So you will receive a hearty welcome.
How about visiting Suginoko?