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Not welcome mosquitos

870x1113x11d2c60c522917577f0d564Summer is coming. It’s getting hotter and hotter recently. People start wearing T-shirt and short pants,,,but there is an enemy in summer. That is a mosquito. That black body and long legs…I think it makes people irritated. In hot days, it is important to protect your body from mosquitos. In Japan, there is ‘repellent for mosquitos’. Normal repellent is known well. But new one is different. That smells like rose! And color is pink! That is fantastic!! repellent is not liked by especially women because of that smell. Some people like it, but some people don’t. It smell like grandmothers, like reminding people of old days. But if it smells rose and protects your body…that is so cool. Girls may like it. A woman who tried it already say ’I like this smell. I don’t feel uncomfortable even if the smell leaves on my clothes.’ This is invented by ARS which is a famous company for mosquito things. You can get it in the pharmacy store if you want.  However, according to the web, the number of the product is limited.

Let’s relaxed with rose smell and protect your body at the same time!