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Mother’s Day



Mother’s day  is held over the world every year. In Japan, May 12 was mother’s day this year and usually children give carnations to their mother. Mother’s day started in the U.S. The reason it stated in the U.S. is  it is said that a women whose mother was dead give a carnation to her mother because she wanted to commemorate her.

So on the day, I saw many carnations around there. Because my mother always cooks for my family, I made cream stew with a lot of vegetables. When I made it last time, I fried onions too much and I could not make it. I
made curry with the onions. The cream stew got a favorable reception from my family, but my skill is not comparison with her skill forever. After my sister came back to our home, she gave carnations to our mother. We had a wonderful mother’s day.