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Have you ever been the Ghibli museum? If you like anime or manga of Ghibli, I really recommend to go there.  The museum are located in Tokyo, Mitaka-shi.  There are a lot of stuffs to enjoy, for example, there are a big cat bus from “My neighbor Totoro”(隣のトトロ) and a big robot from “Castle in the sky”(天空の城ラピュタ).  The museum’s atmosphere is a little bit strange but also exciting!  You can enter into real Ghibli world!
Ghibli has a new movie which is Ride Like the Wind(風立ちぬ) in July 20th, so if you go to the museum, you may be able to get some information about the movie!!  If you have no plan this weekend, I recommend to visit.  You will have wonderful time at the museum!