Food and Drink Japan

Koala no march Yaki


At “Charlotte Chocolate factory”, Koala’s march yaki (It likes a Imagawayaki which is a famous Japanese sweets. Yaki means that the food was grilled.) is on sale.In the photo, there are koala’s march yaki which have a Koala’s face. The food maker company, Lotte make it because the factory is settled in Kinshi-cho, then Tokyo Sky Tree which is the highest radio tower in Japan is there too. This year, Tokyo Sky tree’s 1st anniversary so they commemorate this event by make it. Also the next year,Koala’s march‘s 30th anniversary. (Koala’s march is the chocolate snack. It is popular in Japan.)

1 in 12 Koala’s march yaki has eyebrows in his face, if you get it, you are lucky! There are 4 flavors, milk of Ghana, milk of strawberry, adzuki bean and custard. They have a plan to sell other flavor in each season. If you interested, please buy it.