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Foods influence your body smell.

myouban01_RDuring summer we sweat profusely, so we need to be careful about sweat.  Also, we need to be careful about food because food influences body smell.

Protein-rich meal

People want to enjoy a barbeque in summer, but meat cause body smell. When meat is absorbed by the body, ammonia produces from an amino acid. When you eat meat, I recommend you eat with vegetable to eject it soon.

High-fat foods from animal sources

Dairy goods, egg and ice cream include high animal fat and it causes ammonia. I recommend to eat honey or banana because they increase good bacterium which control bad smell.

If your body smell bother you, do plant-based diet

If your strong body smell bother you, shift your meat-based diet to plant-based diet. It is important to eject bad smell with diet which are abundant in dietary fiber. But be careful about the vegetables, a garlic, a leek and a shallot etc. The vegetables make not only halitosis but also body smell strong.