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customized sneakers

blogYou can make customized sneakers at NIKE, Reebok, converse, new balance and Adiddas. Only NIKE, Reebok and Adidas can make customized sneakers in Japan. The other brands don’t come into Japan.
I’ll write about especially Adidas sneakers. We can make customized sneakers on-line or shops in Shibuya or Roppongi. it costs at least 6,000 yen and you can get them about 4 weeks. There are 13 parts that you can customize –materials, insole, midsole, etc.- and each part have 6 to 10 kinds, more than 10 colors. Therefore there are two hundred twenty million ways! If you go to shop, you can take your foot’s measurement (both of right and left). So you can order different size each foot, if you want.
This is the picture that I designed on-line. Why don’t you make only one sneaker in the world?