Boston Food and Drink Showa Students


The best thing which I miss in Boston is… Chill!


It’s a shop of frozen yogurt. It has some kinds of tastes and everything is very good, especially original. You can choose a size from small, medium or large and number of topping from 1, 2 or more than 3. It has many kinds of topping such as chocolate, mochi and many fruits! I often ordered small original and 2 topping that is strawberry and mochi. It costed less than $5.

I’m sure almost all students in Showa Boston love Chill! Actually there were always some Showa students even cool or cold day. After I came back to Japan, I saw some frozen yogurt shops and sometimes tried them. However nothing could beat Chill! I can’t forget the moment I feel so happy when I have Chill… I MISS CHILL!