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Caramel Frappuccino with chocolate sauce and extra whipped cream and…

20090216212529People like Starbucks. They often have some coffee while they walk on the street…it looks like an American. People in Japan think it’s cool. Why Starbucks is popular is because of not only the taste but also various menus. Have you known that you can customize your order? I guess most of people know it, but, have you ever heard of some applications of Starbucks for smart phone? Those are made for people who want to try to customize drinks but never tried because it’s difficult! All you should do is choose what you want. And then smart phone tells you how much your order is, your side choices are, like syrup, milk and size…more detailed things are how strong your coffee is and how much bubbles on cofee you want! If you use these applications, you can order very smoothly with reading the words in the application. It’s very easy and convenient.

If you have no idea what kind of customize is popular, there is a website that tells you some popular customizes.

In this summer, why don’t you have your original drink in your hand and make people pay attention to you!