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Bringing your own bottle

slim bottleWe will have hot, sultry days of summer soon. We have to drink water enough to avoid dehydration.

Buying beverage held in PET bottle every day is not good for saving money. And it causes to produce a lot of PET bottle every day. People call this situation, “Mottainai!” So I recommend bringing your own bottle.

Recently we can buy these bottle for about 1000~2500 yen for each sizes. If you go to the “loft” or Tokyu Hands,” you can find your favorite bottle. These shops have so many kinds of the items. It looks so colorful.

Also you can use it in many cafe such as Starbucks or Doutor Coffee to enjoy your favorite drink with your favorite bottle.

This is the one of homepages for bringing my own bottle. It has many contents about the bottle and tea. Please see it.