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Bill Cunningham & New York


I watched “Bill Cunningham &New York”.This movie is a kind of fashion movie.
Bill Cunningham is a photographer. He has been taking fashion photos by bicycle in New York City every day for 50 years. He wears blue clothes when he takes photos. And his fashion pictures appear in the New York Times “On The Street” column. He goes to New York City by bicycle to take photo e
very day even rainy day. He is 84 years old, but he has influence on fashion. This movie shows his life style and his work. His job is really wonderful. But his life style is frugal. He lives in a small apartment in Carnegie Hall. And he doesn’t buy new clothes and drinks cheap coffee. There is no sofa and no closet in his room. There are only a lot of photos. He said “I’m not doing a job, I ‘m doing joy.” And Anna Winter who is chief editor of VOGUE said “I’m wearing clothes for Bill.” They are proud that Bill takes their picture.
I really like this movie. I’m interested in fashion. I was moved by this movie. Because I could feel his love for street fashion, people and his job. He doesn’t do his job for money. He doing his job just with enjoyment. And he never slack off his job, he never relegates someone his job.
I really recommend this movie. You should watch this movie if you have a chance.