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Beautiful beaches

blog2-1Do you have a plan to go to beaches during summer vacation? I think a lot of Japanese think that Japan’s beaches are dirty!!! However, the thinking is misunderstanding. There are beautiful beaches in Japan. I’d like to recommend you 2 beautiful beaches in Japan. 1) Miura Kaigan (三浦海岸)This beach is famous and large. A lot of people come to here during summer vacation. Access to the beach is good. The ocean’s water is clear so we can feel comfortable to swim.

blo2-22) Isoharahutatsuzima Kaisuiyokuzyo(磯原二つ島海水浴場) This beach is located in Ibaraki prefecture so little far from Tokyo but the beach is so great!!The sands are white and ocean is blue. The site view from the beach is nice. We can see Futatsuzima(二つ島)!!




Let’s try to go to these beaches during summer vacation!