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Be careful about low-fat foods!!!

What image of low-fat food 14181do you have?  Maybe you think low-fat food has a low calorie content. If people choose same food, low-fat food looks better. But is it really true?

If you think low-fat food is a low calorie, you misunderstand. Actually, the calories are not reduced very much because law-fat food just replaces fat with sugar. Most people think the calories are reduced about 40 percent, so when they eat low-fat food, they are careless and they tend to eat a lot. When researchers compare people eating low-fat foods with people eating usual foods, people eating low-fat foods eat 28 percent more.

In fact, low-fat foods have 11 percent less calories, so we need to make sure of the calories. Another reason law-fat foods make you gain weight may be additive.